Business Forum

As a part of the Meeting, the 4th ASEM-TMM Business Forum that will be held on 27 September 2017 aims to promote partnership and cooperation among business entities as well as to seek opportunities in logistics and transportation infrastructures development. The Forum is expected to be attended by stakeholders from various government agencies, as well as private sectors.

The Forum laid the foundation for further discussions on how to improve the integration of transport connectivity as well as synergizing regional strategic plans. In addition, it will also discuss about the sustainable transport development.

To support the effectiveness of this Business Forum, speakers from related government officials, professionals and experts from associations and business sector of ASEM Countries are invited to exchange ideas on integrated transport connectivity, and sustainable transport development on logistics and transport infrastructure development.

This Forum will consist of 4 sessions and is planned to be officially opened by the President of the Republic of Indonesia.Details of information can be accessed through the official 4th ASEM-TMM website. All participants must be registered in the official ASEM-TMM website.